Hog Rings

Hog Rings

The usage of hog rings vary from industry to industry. These are specially used in packing of sausage. In automobiles, they are used to glue seats to the body of the wall. There are different hog ring tools used to make hog rings clamp properly to the area where they are meant to clamp.

In industries where hog rings are used in larger amounts, a specialized machine is used called hog ring gun. Hog ring gun is composed of a heavy-duty two-hand unit. In some machines even pneumatic pliers are used. Using hog ring pliers is more convenient as it is much faster, lighter and even easy to handle than the manual method. It can save a lot of energy and time while giving a maximum output.

There are two types of hog ring pliers, automatic and manual. They have a specific usage to clamp the hog ring firmly. However, manual pliers take a little more efforts and time than the automatic one.

The automatic hog ring pliers are composed of many hog rings clustered within a single unit. These resemble staplers in design. The hog rings are automatically inserted through spring functionality. It makes the task easier and fast.

Hog rings might be clamped through regular pliers by the grooves that permit them to perform their function more quickly. There are chances that hog rings might slip out from the pliers during clamping however it should be avoided by careful usage.

Hog ring pliers are ideal tool for clamping hog rings. Composed of grooved jaw to staple the rings, pliers are just the best devices to clamp them. Pliers are the first thing that guarantees security of a hog ring around the matter it is wrapped to.

The following things are required to make hog ring pliers work efficiently.

  • Adjust width of the jaws while pliers are closed.  Set the thumb screw on the side of the pliers.  Make two gapes to either side. This can be done by twisting the screw to the right that will make a wider gap while a twist to the left will create a gap smaller than the first one.
  • Open the jaws by pulling handles on the pliers.
  • Adjust the hog ring over the area that is to be connected together.
  • Wrap the hog ring with jaws of the pliers.
  • In order to clam the hot ring together, squeeze the handles together. This phenomenon should be repeated at least 5 times until the hog rings are properly clamped together.


Handle the hog rings with care as some pliers are spring-loaded which may cause injury if not handled properly.

It is good to place the hog rings plus pliers in proper place when not in use.